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SunPower is a company with over 30 years of manufacturing experience, offering the most efficient modules in the world. Specially developed Maxeon and Performance technologies guarantee unparalleled resilience even in the most challenging weather conditions. Trusted by major entities like NASA.

Why choose SunPower?

SunPower modules are a perfect combination of high aesthetics, great performance, and reliability.
SunPower panels are the most efficient and reliable in the world.
The unique module design gives them extraordinary durability.
The reliability of the brand’s products has been confirmed by PVEL laboratory.
25 / 40-year warranty (power, product, service).
Energynat is an authorized distributor of SunPower modules in Poland and Europe.

Manufacturer’s offer


Discover 8 reasons why it’s worth choosing SunPower.


Our slogan “Huge Discounts on Megawatts” defines what makes us the best. Large orders under favorable conditions. We are one of the largest distributors of Sofar equipment and the main distributor of Astronergy in Poland. We have 2 distribution centers – in Poland and the Netherlands – with a total area of 8,000 m². Our offer is aimed at contractors, distributors, and EPC companies looking for a reliable partner that guarantees stable and favorable cooperation conditions.

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